Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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WCF DataMember attributes
The WCF DataMember also has attributes that you need to be aware of while designing web service.... Read Full Article
WCF DataContract attributes
The WCF DataContract has a set of attributes that help us influence behavior of the WCF DataContract. ... Read Full Article
WCF Address
The WCF Address is a way to use your service. The WCF Address is required in order for the client to know where to send a message and the WCF Address most often are URLs that specify protocols.... Read Full Article
WCF ServiceHost
The WCF ServiceHost provides you with way to access the WCF infrastructure on the server. The WCF ServciceHost instance provides you with programmatically way to access WCF... Read Full Article
WCF Named Pipes Address
The WCF named pipes binding is normally used during in-process communication. As a result, the WCF named pipers binding supports local type of communication.... Read Full Article
Microsoft Service Configuration Manager
Default installation of the .NET Framework comes with useful utility tools. One of these tools is useful for configuring WCF configuration files. ... Read Full Article
WCF Diagnostics
It is not an obvious task to track and trace errors or message as they occur within WCF Service layer. There are certain tools that can help you in tracing and understanding WCF messages.... Read Full Article
WCF Bindings
The WCF binding specifies how your WCF service communicates with your client and vice versa. As a result, it plays major role in the implementation of your WCF service... Read Full Article
WCF Channel Factory
ChannelFactory can be instantiated on the specific service. One you instantiate the WCF Service Factory you can peer into exposed contract of the WCF Service.... Read Full Article