Saturday, July 26, 2014
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WCF Data Contracts
When we design the WCF service with custom types for which we define a data contract we need to utilize DataContracts. This way WCF knows how to serialize your custom types.... Read Full Article
WCF Service Contracts and Operations
The WCF Contracts are designed to present methods to the potential consumers of this service. The WCF Service Contracts are also known and Interfaces or Behaviors of the WCF Service.... Read Full Article
WCF Hardware Requirements
The WCF services is not overly complicated service and can be run with few demands on your server or client configuration. Table below is a good example what is required.... Read Full Article
WCF Exchange Patterns
There are three different exchange patterns that you can use while building your WCF Service: Request and Reply, One-Way, Duplex. Request and Reply exchange pattern is a two way with the request and correlated response being generated by the WCF.... Read Full Article
WCF TCP Address
If you know basics of the networking, then you’ll know that TCP can be used for over the wire communication. The way your WCF service specifies TCP binding is via its end point.... Read Full Article
WCF Base Address
The WCF has capability to host multiple endpoints under the same common address. In order to set up these end points you need to set up your base Addresses configuration.... Read Full Article
WCF Diagnostics
It is not an obvious task to track and trace errors or message as they occur within WCF Service layer. There are certain tools that can help you in tracing and understanding WCF messages.... Read Full Article
WCF Bindings
The WCF binding specifies how your WCF service communicates with your client and vice versa. As a result, it plays major role in the implementation of your WCF service... Read Full Article
WCF Contract First vs WCF Code First
It has been always hot topic among WCF developers. Should WCF developer create contract and then generate object model or object model should come first and Contract attributes applied to it? ... Read Full Article