Wednesday, September 03, 2014
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WCF Service Contracts and Operations
The WCF Contracts are designed to present methods to the potential consumers of this service. The WCF Service Contracts are also known and Interfaces or Behaviors of the WCF Service.... Read Full Article
WCF Message Contracts
The WCF Message Contracts allows you to gain control over ways your WCF Service generates SOPA envelope. The WCF Message Contracts allow you to map fields into SOAP body.... Read Full Article
WCF Hardware Requirements
The WCF services is not overly complicated service and can be run with few demands on your server or client configuration. Table below is a good example what is required.... Read Full Article
WCF ServiceHost
The WCF ServiceHost provides you with way to access the WCF infrastructure on the server. The WCF ServciceHost instance provides you with programmatically way to access WCF... Read Full Article
WCF HTTP Binding
The WCF HTTP address can be hosted on IIS or can be configured as self-hosted service. You can guess that the WCF HTTP address can be accessed just like you access any regular application.... Read Full Article
WCF Named Pipes Address
The WCF named pipes binding is normally used during in-process communication. As a result, the WCF named pipers binding supports local type of communication.... Read Full Article
WCF Diagnostics
It is not an obvious task to track and trace errors or message as they occur within WCF Service layer. There are certain tools that can help you in tracing and understanding WCF messages.... Read Full Article
WCF Bindings
The WCF binding specifies how your WCF service communicates with your client and vice versa. As a result, it plays major role in the implementation of your WCF service... Read Full Article
WCF Channel Factory
ChannelFactory can be instantiated on the specific service. One you instantiate the WCF Service Factory you can peer into exposed contract of the WCF Service.... Read Full Article